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Hey isabelle!!! *hugz* cool commuinity thingy majiga pink elefant learn to spell!!!!
Kurt cobain was the best *nods*
you have a good guitair *nods*
its impossible to lick your elbow *nods*
I am very strange *nods*
head banging is fun!! *nods*
if you read this then you tryed to lick your elbow *nods*
jimi hendrix was close to the best, but kurt was better *nods*
I am very ugly *nods*
Chuck tailors rule!! *nods*
Isabelle is beautifull!! *nods*
look in the sky!!! *nods*
purple pinkys!!! *nods!!*
yyyeeeaaaahhhh yyyeeeaaahhh *nods*
my heart is broke, but i have some glue, help me inhale, mend it with you!! *nods*
bye byes!!!! *nods*

brittney spears rules
good charlett are "punk"
good charlett are even music
50 cent is "keeping it real"
chingy has real talent
George bush is a great presedent!!!
I am not tired at all!!
i know exactly what to write here.
Courtney love sucks.
i am the bomb!!
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